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CNG is safe if you follow 5 basic rules

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1 liter of gasoline is equivalent in consumption to 1 m3 of natural gas

CNG is safe if you follow 5 basic rules

CNG vehicle using features

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Safety for drivers of CNG vehicles

Owner responsibility

The owner of a CNG vehicle is responsible for the good condition of the vehicle, its parts, assemblies, mechanisms, etc.

Technical documentation

The equipment installed on a vehicle during operation must be accompanied by technical documentation. The technical documentation for the vehicle equipment is kept by the vehicle owner. In the event of a change of ownership, the documentation is transferred with the vehicle to the next owner.

Service and repair

Service and current repairs of CNG vehicles can be carried out at posts and service lines of base vehicles, with the exception of special work on gas equipment.

Application of CNG as a vehicle fuel
requires compliance with a number of security measures.


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