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Compressed Natural Gas
as a vehicle fuel

Compressed natural gas is an environmentally friendly type of motor fuel, the main component of which is methane. For use as a vehicle fuel, natural gas does not require any chemical processing and is ready for use in the form in which it exists in nature.


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1 liter of gasoline is equivalent in consumption to 1 m3 of natural gas

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CNG-powered KAMAZ conquers new heights 4 January 2017

The participation of a sports NGV truck KAMAZ in the international rally-marathon "Africa Eco Race" has become a tradition

Is there a place for autonomous gas supply in Belarus? 13 May 2015

The topic of using natural gas as a vehicle fuel has not ceased to be relevant for over a decade. In April 2013, the Belarusian government approved a set of measures to expand the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel.

5 myths about natural gas 10 July 2015

What associations does the mention of a gas car evoke in most of us? A cumbersome cylinder, a dubious smell, the words "propane-butane" and "flammable" ... In fact, methane is one of the most progressive, economical and promising types of fuel

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Compressed Natural Gas World

About CNG price changes 25 March 2022

From 09:00 on 29.03.2022 the selling price of CNG will be 1.06 BYN per 1 m3

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AvtoVAZ is working towards the production of vehicles using alternative fuels 20 June 2016

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Gasification of transport resumes in Kazakhstan 3 April 2015

By the way, gasification of transport is also being resumed in neighboring Kazakhstan. So in Decembe...

EACU expands its gas bus range 3 April 2015

Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, a subsidiary of OJSC KAMAZ, presented a large-class city bus NEFAZ-5299...

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Audi introdused new coupe A5 Sportback g-tron 14 September 2016

On September 9, 2016, Audi introduces the new A5 Sportback coupe as a bivalent g-tron car running on...

Mercedes-Benz launches series production of the new Natural Gas Sprinter 25 July 2016

On July 21, 2016, Mercedes-Benz launched the new Sprinter van that runs on natural gas. The peculiar...

Mercedes-Benz presented the E 200 NGT BlueEFFICIENCY 2 April 2015

The delivery of the dual-fuel Mercedes-Benz E 200 NGT (both CNG and petrol) to the European sales ne...

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Chrysler plans to develop next generation gas cylinders 5 December 2018

Vehicles powered by natural gas engines require large fuel tanks to provide a range without refillin...

First bi-articulated natural gas bus introduced in Colombia 20 December 2016

On December 16, 2016 Scania and Gas Natural Fenosa, in the framework of the Latin American Busworld,...

The world's first CNG fire truck 26 May 2010

The Indianapolis, Indiana Fire Department operates a fire engine powered by a 320 horsepower 8.9-lit...

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Abu Dhabi Accelerates Conversions of Gasoline Vehicles to CNG 27 December 2017

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Gas engine news from Vietnam 6 July 2016

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Tata Motors tests Magic Iris CNG 1 April 2011

The ever-increasing costs of traditional motor fuels are forcing automakers to offer consumers vehic...

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CNG: 1,06 BYN