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1 liter of gasoline is equivalent in consumption to 1 m3 of natural gas

Seawater as hydrogen fuel 20 March 2019

A team of scientists from Stanford has found a way to get hydrogen fuel from ordinary seawater

Venice replaced petrol with olive oil 26 June 2018

In Venice, from the present time, motor ships (vaporettos) began to use olive oil as a fuel, as well as other types of it.

In Britain, buses will run on recycled coffee 19 June 2017

Entrepreneur Arthur Kay created a company to make biofuels for London buses from recycled coffee

Biofuels from grass 7 April 2017

Scientists at the University of Ghent (Belgium) have developed a method for converting grass into biofuel

Biofuels made from cellulose are twice as environmentally friendly and cheaper than gasoline 16 February 2017

The production and use of second-generation biofuels made from cellulose is far more profitable than previously thought compared to gasoline and bioethanol from corn, according to a publication in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciecnes.

Exhaust gas will turn into gasoline 14 November 2016

American scientists Jeffrey Martin and William Cubic Jr. have developed a way to convert carbon dioxide back into gasoline

FUEL OF THE FUTURE 10 November 2016

Scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the United States have developed a method for converting feces into a substance similar to oil. In the future, this approach may become the main method for producing liquid fuels.

BREAD FUEL 17 April 2015

Scientists at the German Institute for Food Technology in Lemgo are inventing new fuel for cars. To do this, stale bread is mixed with water, and bioethanol is obtained during its fermentation.


Scientists in South Korea were the first in the world to create genetically modified bacteria capable of producing gasoline, news agencies reported. Based on the research results, which were published in the electronic version of the international scientific journal Nature ...


To get rid of dependence on foreign oil, American scientists and engineers are developing something fundamentally new called "ELECTRO-FUEL"


CNG-powered KAMAZ conquers new heights

The participation of a sports NGV truck KAMAZ in the international rally-marathon "Africa Eco Race" has become a tradition

Is there a place for autonomous gas supply in Belarus?

The topic of using natural gas as a vehicle fuel has not ceased to be relevant for over a decade. In April 2013, the Belarusian government approved a set of measures to expand the use of natural gas ...

5 myths about natural gas

What associations does the mention of a gas car evoke in most of us? A cumbersome cylinder, a dubious smell, the words "propane-butane" and "flammable" ... In fact, methane is one of the most progress...