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Chrysler plans to develop next generation gas cylinders

5 December 2018


Vehicles powered by natural gas engines require large fuel tanks to provide a no-refueling range that is comparable to petrol or diesel vehicles. Modern LNG tank designs are also limited to cylindrical shapes to provide the pressure at which the gaseous fuel is stored.

Chrysler's patented technology explores both problems: expanding the reservoir capacity and redesigning the geometry to allow both specialized and universal reservoirs to be used individually for each vehicle. The result is a no-compromise solution that conserves space reserved for passengers and/or cargo.

The automaker Chrysler already has natural gas vehicles on the market. The Ram 2500 is the only vehicle to date with a factory-fitted methane engine, which is produced on the same assembly line as conventional powered vehicles. Available for retail sale, the vehicle is powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine that burns natural gas as fuel. When this fuel is depleted, it automatically and smoothly switches to petrol.

Source: NGV Journal

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