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Absolutely safe

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1 liter of gasoline is equivalent in consumption to 1 m3 of natural gas

Absolutely safe


Do you believe that natural gas is the safest form of motor fuel?

The autoignition temperature of CNG is about 550 °C, at the same time, gasoline and diesel fuel are already burning at a temperature of just over 250 °C.

At the same time, the lower concentration limit of explosiveness is much higher than its competitors, at the same time, vapors from spilled gasoline still pose a danger to humans.

Let's take a look at the picture:


One of the reasons for the prejudice against the use of compressed natural gas as a vehicle fuel is the high pressure of compressed natural gas in cylinders.

In this case, for compressed natural gas tanks:

1. have multiple safety margin (2);

2. shatter-proof;

3. undergo a series of tests for resistance to destruction when falling from a height, shooting from a firearm, exposure to extreme temperatures, open flames and more;

4. installed in the least vulnerable and, according to statistics, less frequently damaged parts of the car:



In addition, natural gas is lighter than air and tends upward when it leaks, quickly "dissolving" in the atmosphere.

Natural gas is safe
It's simple to distinguich servicable CNG equipment


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